Friday, June 20, 2014

Waking up from my long hibernation

I haven't written a blog for quite a long time, 10 months, almost. Ever since we came back from our exciting safari trip last July (which I haven't blogged about either), I have been in a fairly lazy mood.  Not I am lying in bed doing nothing for all this time, I did go to work, garden, feed Mr Hippo and all that.  But, I was lack of the energy to engage in non-critical but creative activities such as wring a blog post.

Call it a long hibernation or mid-life crisis.  Whatever the name is, it is not a very satisfactory mode.  I did enjoy taking the break, or a mid-life recreation (as termed in the cartoon) but as those who feel tired after a very long night of sleep tells you: Too much rest makes you feel restless.

Many things triggered me into this mode: Some family drama and its ripple effect last year, fatigue from the exciting trip (I need a vacation after the vacation!), too much international traveling (4 last year), and most likely, hectic tasks at work...I span from fire-fighting activity 1 to activity 2, urgency was my first and foremost criterion of investing my time and energy.  In between the activities, I dropped and didn't think much about and act on those things that were important.  I read novels but didn't write much of my diaries.  I consumed but didn't create enough.  I was in a busy-lazy mode, if you know what I meant.

I think I am finally pulling myself out of this mode, at last.  Still yawning, but at least I am stepping out of my cave/burrows (do hippos live in any??) finally...Time to think, act and be creative again!!

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