Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Almost perfect focaccia

I always like focaccia for several reasons. First, it is very tasty.  Second, the scent of rosemary can make you smarter.  Last, but not the least,  not every bread still tastes nice after a day or two like focaccia does. I like to slice it, toast it, and then make a sandwich with grilled eggplant (using garlic-infused olive oil), feta cheese, and sun-dried tomato.  Of course, the prerequisite is that you have some left-over of the bread at the first place.  

We probably wouldn't have had any crumbles left today, if we weren't both on diet.  Of the two bread I baked, the round one mysteriously disappeared even before dinner was served! 

I have been using this recipe for baking focaccia for quite a while, and today's result is the best. My focassia is almost perfect, though it is still a bit moist in the middle when eating fresh. I am sure it won't be a problem anymore tomorrow.

The trick was to add a bit more water then the recipe says, about 30ml more.   This extra amount of water resulted in two improvements.  My dough was less thick, which makes it easier to spread when being poured from my mixer to baking pans (no worries if there is still unoccupied space though, during proof the dough will gradually invade empty space anyway).   In addition, the extra water made the bread less dense and more puffy (hence more popular then usual...).
The other thing I did differently was to omit sprinkling salt on top of the bread--I found it was not so desirable to bite into coarse grain of salt.  There is enough salt in the dough to make it tasty, and I wonder if the extra salt on the surface was only supposed to make it pretty?!

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