Monday, March 5, 2012

We might be able to swim in our garage soon!

I haven't blogged for more than two weeks, partially because I was busy with work--I was in Melbourne the week before last, but more because I don't feel like doing a has been so rainy and gloomy in Canberra and I struggle to even pull myself out of bed.

Never lived in a rainy area, I finally got the feeling of "under the weather" last Saturday, the fifth wet day in a row.  Bad weather can certainly make me sick, and the only constructive thing I managed to accomplish on that day was to make hot chocolate for Mr Hippo and myself, twice.   We did plan to go out, looking at a couple of houses, but it was too much work to keep warm and stayed in.

Grown up in London area, Mr Hippo feels perfectly happy when it rains.  He enjoys watching thunderstorm on our balcony and taking his umbrella out for a leisure stroll when it calms down a little.  "This is just like home," he often says with a big smile on his face.  "Actually it is a lot warmer," he added, in an effort to make me feel better...

Oh well, at least one of us is happy when it rains.  Um, let me try again.  At least Mr Hippo is extra happy when it rains, with an umbrella in one hand and a cup of "decadent" hot chocolate in another. 
Yesterday, the sun finally appeared in the sky.  The last time when it had such a seven-day-long-leave was 60 years ago! In terms of rainfall, the ACT hasn't had as much in seven days since 1950 (details)!  If that is not enough, the Bureau of Meteorology predicts sodden days for Canberra in the next five days as well!!!  

At this rate, we might be able to swim in our garage soon and by then Mr Hippo will be in heaven.

I am on way to get more hot chocolate...

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