Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Citizenship test

I finally took citizenship test today, which is the last step of becoming an Australian citizen.  The test was quite easy, and there was only one question that I wasn't sure about.   In the end, I got all 20 questions right, using about 1/5 of the time required.  It was more like a test for English rather than for knowledge, really; that being said, yesterday I did read a guidebook and prepared for the test for a couple hours.

Nothing unexpected, I should hear from the Immigration in 2~3 weeks.  Then I will have to attend a ceremony in June, where I vow to become a citizen...

I do have a mixed feeling of becoming an Australian citizen, because China does not allow dual citizenship.  Even though I have lived outside China for over 10 years, and every time I went back it felt more foreign to me,  I still hesitated and did not move on to apply for the citizenship as soon as I could (one has to live in Australia for four years and two of which he/she was granted permanent residency).  I cannot explain exactly why, apart from my par for the course laziness.  But I know there is more to it; perhaps it is the education I received when growing up, the word "homeland (祖国)" still carries a lot of weight, somewhere down under...

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