Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pickling time

With plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable around, autumn is the peak time for pickling.   I've picked hot chilly peppers and eggplants so far, and today I did lemon and ginger. 

I pickled lemons in Moroccan way.  It is actually quite easy when you get started.  The most time-consuming bit is to prepare lemons by removing their wax.   This recipe is perfect because the jar I used can just about fit five lemons with intensive squeezing.  I am not going to open the jar and compressed more juice out though, which seems to be a recipe for introducing bacteria.  Hopefully, time will do the trick as this other recipe says. I did shake and flip the jar whenever I remembered.

Pickling young ginger the Japanese way  is slightly more complex, because it involves dissolving sugar in rice vinegar over heat.   When the sugar-vinegar solution meets the ginger, it magically turns into a pink/reddish color--very pretty!

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