Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quick Caprese pizza, Chinese edition

Ms Hippo loves to test new ideas when cooking.  For instance, she enjoys tossing together ingredients from different cuisines and integrating them in her dishes.  Here is an example where she used Chinese flat bread (bing, 饼) to fix a Caprese pizza lunch for Mr Hippo.

Top freshly-made and halved bread with mozzarella cheese and grill until the cheese melts.  Snip 8 basil leaves, wash and dry.  Slice a tomato and a bit of onion.  Assemble everything as shown in the picture, grind salt and pepper and add 4 olives for the center piece.  Last, spray some extra-virgin olive oil and serve!

Mr Hippo's testimony: "Pretty good, very crunchy!"

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